About Karousel

Karousel is a design and branding agency in the heart of Reykjavík. Like a Karousel, the creation process is cyclical, it doesn't end, but continues to improve. 

We are Maria and Margrét and can help you improve your brand awareness and image through design and strategy. Together with our colleagues in the Karousel team, we create and develop brand identities, from logo's to websites and packaging to social design projects.

It is important to us that you communicate your message to your audience in a way that makes you happy. 

The Karousel team

Strategic Branding, Design and Online Marketing: Maria Ericsdóttir Panduro and Margrét Jónsdóttir De La Forrest. Creative Copy: Svetlana Graudt. Shopify "wisard" and Coder: Vignir Már Lýðsson. Proofreading and Translation (Icelandic and English): Hadla Helgadóttir.


Combined, we have extensive experience within Graphic Design, Strategic Brand Management, Project Management, Sales and Marketing. 

We are located in Reykjavík but have resided and worked in California, New York, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Reykjavík, Paris, Lyon, Bournemouth, Hanoi, Cairo and Zürich.  

We are passionate about the effective collaboration of two fields, design and marketing. A larger overlap between the two schools of thought will in our opinion result in unified messaging and more successful marketing efforts. 

Strong brands are the foundation of successful organizations. However brands are vulnerable, harder to create and sustain today, due to overwhelming market variety and educated consumer choice.


We have designed for the following organizations: AGUSTAV, Allianz, Askja, Blå Cirkel Jazz, Cintamani, City Lights, Cycling Without Age, Demeter, Designit, FL Group, Finnrós, FÓLK, Hafnarfjarðarbær (The city of Hafnarfjörður), Himnesk Hollusta, Hjólafærni, Hjólavottun, Hjólum, Isold, Línan, M3 Steypuverk, Mirra, Mjólka, Reykjavík Print, Reykjavík Documentary Workshop, Reykjavíkurborg (The city of Reykjavík), Sagafilm, Saga Capital Investment Bank, Saga Kakala, Sóley Organics, Shell, Skógarbjörn Adventures, Spron, Suðurhlíðarskóli, Vífilfell.

 Awards/Featured in 

Graphis Silver Award: 
Reykjavík Print Logo. Publication: 2018 Design Annual. 

Graphis Gold Award:
Branding for Karousel. Publication: 2017 Design Annual.

Graphis Silver Award:
Hjólum Logo. Publication: Logo Design 9.

Graphis Silver Award:
Saga Kakala Branding. Publication: 2017 Design Annual.

Graphis Silver Award:
Saga Kakala Logo. Publication: 2016 Design Annual.

Graphis Merrit Award:
Sóley Organics packaging. Publication: 2015 Design Annual.

Featured in:
Graphis 2018 Design Annual
Graphis 2017 Design Annual
Graphis Logo Design 9
Graphis 2016 Design Annual
Graphis 2015 Design Annual
1000 Packaging Designs. Client: Mjólka
1000 Packaging Designs. Client: Himnesk Hollusta
Best of Brochure Designs 10. Client: Saga Capital

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If you would like to hire Karousel for a project, please write to maria@karousel.is or ring + 354 864 6640.

What we do

Design, Social Design, Strategic Branding (Brand Awareness, Identity, Image, Equity), Webpages, Advertising, 
Packaging, Social Media Strategies and Video Production.

Founded: 2012

Bragagata 29
Reykjavík, Iceland
Kt: 541113-0610