We offer various value packages for startups/businesses with creative needs. If you need a custom package, take a look at what we do and feel free to send us a request.


Brand Identity Packages:

Brand Identity Package No.1 - The first steps to branding your business

Do you have a business idea and feel that the time has come to start using a logo and some brand visuals? We always start by asking you to present your vision for your brand before creating any visual elements. Included in this package is:

  • Purpose and vision / Initial strategy building

  • Logo design concepts to choose from

  • Final version of logo in various formats as well as social media icons

  • 3 social media images and content ideas

  • A logo guide with your new visual identity and how it should be used

  • Business card design

Price starting at: ISK 350.000

Brand Identity Package No.2 - A comprehensive brand package to build on

Do you need to create a brand (or re-brand) to visually communicate your authentic brand purpose, values, and messages and promise? Are you in need of a brand identity guideline/manual to keep your brand message and visuals consistent? We are ready to dive right into strategy work with you and co-create a brand identity that best suits your needs. Included in this package is:

  • Brand strategy (with focus on competitive advantage)

  • Logo concepts

  • Final logo in blk/white and color, various formats, social media icons and fav icon

  • Brand identity basic elements (colors, fonts, tone of voice optional*)

  • Brand images and/or illustrations

  • Corporate business set

  • Signage or a promotional item (such as tags or a bag). Does not include product packaging, although we would gladly design your packaging for you.

  • Web presence conceptualization / high level look and feel using brand colors, images and/or illustrations

  • A brand manual with your brand elements and how they should be used

Price starting at: ISK 700.000

*Tone of voice, finding the right tagline, brand mantras, etc. - are absolutely projects that we will gladly assist with, although they are not included in this package.



SEO Strategy

It´s always a good idea to start with creating a SEO strategy for your online presence. The package includes:

  • Strategy depending on brand / needs

  • Analyzation of URL

  • Type of SEO - solutions for your brand

  • Content management analysis

  • On page optimization (2 pages)

Price starting at: ISK 85.000



Shopify Website - Basic Startup Package

We can help you create your own Shopify site from scratch. We offer a side by side approach so that you can manage your online store in the future. The package is designed for the tech-savvy, DIY entrepreneur and includes:

  • Basic strategy and templates

  • URL, hosting and email management

  • Shopify setup

  • Optional side-by-side approach

  • Customized website for your brand with your images (photo shoot optional)

  • One header image (with your image)

  • Two product pages or content pages (or one of each)

  • Help with settings (Inventory, shipping, etc.)

  • Help with tags

  • Basic SEO - what is it, why do I need it

  • Connection to your existing social media accounts

  • Help with a Sitemap - what is it, why do I need it, and how to get it

  • Extra one hour website training (optional) at a later date

Price starting at: ISK 375.000